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MSCI offering expanded to include exposure to Korea

Release date: 12 Feb 2018 | Eurex Exchange

MSCI offering expanded to include exposure to Korea

January saw Eurex MSCI products get off to a great start in 2018. Due to the advancing roll period, open interest in many established products and several new ones have gained traction, most notably in the MSCI U.S. products. 

Open interest across all MSCI Futures and Options has grown by almost 10 percent since December 2017 – which is a significant development given that the latter was a record month for us. Growth is even greater on the volumes on the options side: almost 86 percent was increased since December 2017. In the futures contract, over 34 percent increase was recorded in comparison with same period in January 2017.

On top of their good start in the new year, Eurex will expand its products range on MSCI indexes with two additional futures on the MSCI Japan JPY and MSCI EM Asia ex Korea Indexes. Eurex is the first and only exchange with an innovative MSCI EM Asia ex Korea contract as a listed solution to extrapolate the Korean exposure. The JPY-denominated MSCI Japan JPY contract is expected to cater more towards domestic investors needs. 

To mark this product expansion, we are offering a fee waiver on three MSCI products from today until 31 December 2018:

Our participants will benefit from portfolio margining efficiencies across the equity liquidation group group (i.e. MSCI, DAX, STOXX products, etc.) and will get exposure to Korea via two trades but will only pay the price of one.  

With the steady expansion of Eurex MSCI products, our participants can benefit from trading the most comprehensive selection of regional and single country and even factor indexes on one single platform.




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