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Face to face with Stefan Morgenstern

Release date: 13 Jun 2016 | Eurex Exchange

Face to face with Stefan Morgenstern

Mr. Morgenstern, how long have you been with Eurex Exchange and what did you do before you joined our company?
I started working for Eurex on 1st of March 2013. And after three months of being based in our Headquarter in Eschborn/ Frankfurt I moved to Hong Kong to join the local Eurex sales office here. Prior to my job at Eurex I had been working for the German cash market Xetra which is also run by Deutsche Börse Group for more than 5 years, first as an intern in the department “Issuer & Investor Markets”, then as a student assistant in “Xetra Retail Trading” and finally as an external consultant in the Xetra Marketing and in “Listing & Issuer Services”. During this time I had a lot of interaction with other departments within Deutsche Börse Group and all kinds of Traders, Investors and other financial market participants. The broad knowledge I gained helps me until today to understand contexts and provide the right answers and solutions to clients.

Prior to joining Deutsche Börse AG I did my compulsory military service in the German Bundeswehr and right after that I studied Business Administration in the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt Main which I graduated by Diploma.

What is your personal background at Eurex?
In the beginning I was supporting my Head of Hong Kong Representative Office on various mid office and research tasks. Over time my role started to slowly shift. More senior colleagues would bring me to client meetings and I supported on various projects in the Sales Asia team. After a while I was appointed Key Account Manager for the Eurex clients in Japan and supported my colleagues on the Hong Kong clients. My previous marketing experience helped me a lot to contribute to various marketing projects we have ran in the Sales Asia team together with our marketing colleagues in Germany. In October 2015 I was appointed South Korea as my second Key Account market.

For which products or sector are you responsible?
Currently beside Japan and South Korea as my Key Account Markets I am also looking after the sales of Eurex’s MSCI products in Asia and I am heavily involved in various Marketing topics within the Sales Asia team as well as sales and support of the Eurex/ KRX Link and the Eurex-KOSPI product. Most of the markets and products I am covering now have been covered by other colleagues before me and the relationships they have built and the knowledge they share with me have proven to be invaluable. Recently we were able to expand our cooperation agreement with the Korean Exchange and I am very excited to see new products on the Eurex/ KRX Link as well as further interaction with my counterparts at KRX and in the market.

What are your current tasks?
Currently I am a Vice President in the Eurex Sales Asia team. I am based in Hong Kong and directly report to my Head of Office Markus Georgi. I am leading a small team of three people who support me on my Key Account Markets Japan and South Korea. Beside the business development and sales in these two countries I especially focus on the sales activities for the Eurex-KOSPI product as this has a high relevance for my domestic Korean clients as well as institutional investors in Asia. In 2014 I started to take over the sales responsibility for Eurex’s MSCI products in Asia. In this role I am constantly in touch with many different kinds of market participants from all over Asia explaining how Eurex helps them to face regulatory changes in Europe and in the US that require them to move their unsecured, uncollateralized OTC Total Return Swaps to a centrally cleared and collateralized listed product. Over the last two years we have held events in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai explaining our offering and how the clients can use our products to take a position in the markets while minimizing counterparty risk and using their capital more efficiently. While this has been a very new topic to me in the beginning and I had a lot to learn and faced a lot of headwind from bigger established OTC market participants we recently see that all the work has paid off. In the last few months we have seen significant volume inflows in our MSCI products with Asian underlyings. Besides the above I am also heavily involved in any marketing related topic where I align between our teams in Asia and Germany and discussions how to improve and further develop our marketing efforts in response to changing demands and situations.

What are your favorite activities besides working for Eurex?
Nothing is more fun than working for Eurex… Joking aside: I enjoy travelling and exploring a lot. Being in Hong Kong gives me a great opportunity to reach any part of Asia within a few hours time and experience the cultural diversity of this continent. Meeting new people, learning about their culture and language and trying different kinds of food never gets boring. Other than that I am very interested in online entrepreneurship and new technical gadgets. If time allows I like to go for a run after work or go hiking with friends one of the outlying islands in Hong Kong.

Thank you, Mr. Morgenstern

Stefan Morgenstern, Vice President, Eurex Hong Kong Representative Office
Stefan Morgenstern holds a diploma in business administration from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt Main. He grew up speaking German, Cantonese, English and Japanese and has spent several weeks per year in Asia ever since his early childhood.

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