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Curiosity is the mother of innovation. By Thomas Book.

Release date: 27 Sep 2018 | Eurex Exchange, Eurex Clearing

Curiosity is the mother of innovation. By Thomas Book.

Eurex celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new organizational structure

The financial landscape is constantly changing: changing investment behavior, regulatory requirements, new technologies, the challenges of upcoming Brexit as well as the changing business models of our clients – the list goes on and on. This is great as it requires constant innovation. And since Eurex has been an innovation leader since 1998 these items were just an initial impulse. Back then, we were a strong team of curious people – and we are still today. We take an interest in seeing how the world evolves and how we can bring markets forward. We are convinced that there is a necessity to think about innovative ways to reshape and reorganize our business model. This requires fundamental change in thinking it requires looking at our work from a client’s perspective.

We listen. We think. We act.

Due to this motto, we are in constant intense talks, internally with our people and externally with our customers. This led to new innovative products and services like the reawakening of futurization. We were the first exchange to offer a futurized version of Total Return Swaps that we call Total Return Futures (TRF). We have already migrated up to 30 percent of the OTC swap market in EURO STOXX 50® derivatives in just one year.

The rise of the buy side with its shift to passive investment strategies is another driving force. Moody’s project that passive assets under management will overtake active assets by 2024. Since the buy side complements the traditional position of the sell side attracting further flows is beneficial for all our market participants. One area where we are very successful is our suite of MSCI derivatives that meet the needs of the passive investment space.

These are just examples that make it obvious that updating our organizational set-up is just the next consequent step. We are enhancing our asset class focus by combining the sales and product design functions for equity index and for fixed income derivatives, respectively.

Forming an international multi-asset powerhouse

The newly created organizational approach supports on one hand Deutsche Börse’s overall growth agenda “Roadmap 2020”. On the other hand, it links perfectly well into the set-up of the trading operations many of our customers have installed. Our new set-up enables us to foster client orientation and expertise in our market-facing functions and to unlock synergies in all areas. Building on our integrated value proposition, we have bundled our exchange-traded and our OTC products into individual asset classes. This will help us to further strengthen our holistic product and service offering. And this is a necessity, especially as the regulatory agenda seeks to shift standardized OTC business on exchange and to clearing, which fits our strategy to provide exchange traded alternatives for so far bilateral transactions.

20 years of Eurex. 20 years of challenges and solutions, issues and innovations.
We live in exciting times and I look forward with great expectations to the next 20 years.

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