EUR Secured Funding Futures now tradable for Participants in the U.S.

As of 3 December 2014, EUR Secured Funding Futures will be available for trading for Eurex Exchange Participants and investors domiciled in the U.S.

T7 release 2.5 is live

Our new technology update delivers a range of functional and technical enhancements. T7 2.5 will also bring EURIBOR Packs & Bundles and Strips as well as new standard futures strategies from 8 Dec.

EURIBOR Futures: introduction of Packs & Bundles and Strips

From 8 Dec we deliver greater operational efficiencies for STIR traders with the introduction of Packs, Bundles and Strips. Besides you can benefit from a fee waiver.

A broad offer is getting even broader: 14 new MSCI Futures tradable at Eurex Exchange.

Our new additional MSCI products include derivatives on the MSCI Kokusai and MSCI World MidCap Indexes.

70% of the world’s surface is covered by water

We turn figures into opportunities: About 70 percent of all listed and centrally cleared euro interest rate derivatives are traded on Eurex Exchange, making us the home to the euro yield curve.


Eurex Exchange

Trade FX derivatives at Eurex: More opportunity. Less risk.

Training courses

November 14


November 14


ProductDiff. to previous dayLast PriceContractsTime
FGBL +0.07% 152.52 570,857 22:03:41
FGBM +0.02% 128.25 267,668 22:03:41
FGBS +0.00% 110.905 206,903 21:59:51
CONF +0.15% 149.20 138 17:05:49
FBTP -0.20% 132.87 56,681 19:03:08
FOAT +0.10% 146.57 71,228 19:03:08

Delayed - Nov 26, 2014 10:03:41 PM

ProductDiff. to previous dayLast PriceContractsTime
FESX +0.19% 3,233.00 720,695 22:03:45
FDAX +0.72% 9,944.00 94,669 22:03:45
FSMI -0.01% 9,073.00 25,471 22:03:45
FSTX +0.29% 3,079.00 1,796 21:59:59
FESB -0.21% 142.80 51,490 21:59:13
FVS -2.82% 17.20 6,970 18:29:42

Delayed - Nov 26, 2014 10:03:45 PM

ProductDiff. to previous dayLast PriceContractsTime
FMWO +0.24% 4,636.00 104 18:29:44
FMEU +0.25% 179.15 50 18:29:44
FMEM +0.85% 426.30 1 18:29:44
FMFM +0.90% 837.00 0 18:29:44
FMEA +0.97% 435.70 0 18:29:44
FMRS -1.75% 476.50 0 18:29:44

Delayed - Nov 26, 2014 6:29:44 PM

ProductDiff. to previous dayLast PriceContractsTime
FCEF -0.02% 1.20 0 18:29:42
FCEP -0.26% 0.79 0 18:29:42
FCEU +0.27% 1.25 0 18:29:42
FCPF +0.24% 1.52 0 18:29:42
FCPU +0.41% 1.58 0 18:29:42
FCUF -0.31% 0.96 0 18:29:42

Delayed - Nov 26, 2014 6:29:42 PM

Number of the week

dividend contracts were traded every day (ADV) in October on Eurex Exchange.

Opalesque Roundtable Gulf: attracting foreign capital

Renaud Huck, Head of Buy Side Relations at Eurex Group, joined the discussion on the markets of the Gulf region, the challenges they face and opportunities they propose to investors.

26 November 2014. Meet us at the FX Week London.

The FX Week Europe will provide you with the latest information on the global foreign exchange market. This will help you to better understand the implications of recent market developments and how to take advantage of them. Visit us at the Eurex booth.

Webinar on the upcoming ECB meeting and its effect on the euro

On Wednesday, 3 Dec at 15:00 CET, renowned ECB and foreign exchange experts will discuss the ECB policy outlook and the likelihood of the central bank announcing sovereign bond purchases. What is the market sentiment toward the euro ahead of the ECB meeting and what are the FX expectations into year-end? Please register now for the webinar.

28 November 2014: Python Conference, London.

The one-day conference focuses on the intersection of the Python programming language and analytical and quantitative finance. It features a special “Pandas Training “ led by Dr. Yves J. Hilpisch, Managing Partner of The Python Quants

MarginCalculator updated!

Calculate and simulate Eurex margin requirements with our newly updated computer-based simulation program.

Client’s view: Swissquote’s Jürg Schwab on the derivatives business

We spoke with Jürg Schwab, Head of Trading at Swissquote, on the significance of the derivatives business, various clients needs and the way the provider of online trading services deals with them.

Client's view: M. Stauch, Union Investment, on MSCI derivatives

We spoke to Matthias Stauch, CIIA and Fund Manager at Union Investment, about the significance of MSCI indexes and the respective derivatives for successful portfolio management.

Eurex's new Dynamic Product List is live

Our new Dynamic Product List provides you with direct access to all Eurex product parameters and additional information – in just one sheet. It’s easy to use and quick to search. Find out more. 

EUR Secured Funding Futures live

We provide you with Europe’s first contract to hedge secured short-term interest rate risk. Click to find out more.

EUR Secured Funding Futures. Hedge secured interest rate risk.