A great start for our Weekly Euro-Bund Options

Average daily volume in June reached about 8,000 contracts. The product traded +380,000 contracts since its launch in April.

As of 20 July: first global STOXX® dividend index on Eurex Exchange

The STOXX® Global Select Dividend 100 offers investors the ideal tool to track a global portfolio of high dividend-yielding companies.

Fee holiday for EURIBOR Futures extended until 31 December 2015

Benefit from a zero fee period and the extension of the Designated Market Maker Program until 31 December 2015 for EURIBOR Futures.

Five more MSCI index futures contracts tradable for U.S. participants

Since 1 June, the contracts can be offered to U.S. persons via Eurex terminals with direct access in the U.S. or sold to these persons.

ABN AMRO Clearing ready to clear Eurex EURO STOXX 50® Variance Futures

ABN AMRO Clearing is offering clearing services for the Eurex EURO STOXX 50® Variance Futures since 27 May 2015.


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July 15


July 15


ProductDiff. to previous dayLast priceContractsTime
FGBL -0.58% 151.30 719,682 20:55:46
FGBM -0.02% 129.61 630,104 20:54:37
FGBS +0.03% 111.310 387,255 20:54:55
CONF -0.22% 161.91 360 17:11:08
FBTP +0.04% 130.16 97,760 18:59:55
FOAT -0.76% 145.53 88,526 18:59:55

15 min. delayed - Jul 1, 2015 8:55:46 PM

ProductDiff. to previous dayLast priceContractsTime
FESX +1.02% 3,475.00 1,594,796 20:56:00
FDAX +1.19% 11,137.00 133,031 20:55:59
FSMI +1.53% 8,865.00 44,960 20:51:36
FSTX +1.01% 3,306.00 3,435 20:40:42
FESB +1.73% 152.80 94,922 20:52:57
FVS -7.59% 24.35 20,611 19:49:36

15 min. delayed - Jul 1, 2015 8:56:00 PM

ProductDiff. to previous dayLast priceContractsTime
FMWO +0.64% 4,698.00 768 18:57:12
FMEU +1.13% 202.25 1,588 18:56:52
FMEM +0.24% 410.80 20 18:56:52
FMFM -0.26% 769.50 0 18:56:52
FMEA +0.59% 447.00 4 18:56:52
FMRS -0.56% 443.00 6 18:57:01

15 min. delayed - Jul 1, 2015 6:57:12 PM

ProductDiff. to previous dayLast priceContractsTime
FCEF +0.45% 1.04780 0 18:57:50
FCEP +0.08% 0.70920 0 18:57:50
FCEU -0.46% 1.10905 0 18:57:50
FCPF +0.48% 1.47685 0 18:57:50
FCPU -0.58% 1.56335 0 18:57:50
FCUF +0.92% 0.94455 0 18:57:50

Real-time - Jul 1, 2015 6:57:50 PM

Number of the week

VSTOXX® Options traded on 9 June. Another daily record.

Top Traders Unplugged: No. 3 “Natasha Reeve-Gray - doing it right”.

New content item

Part 3 of our podcast series features Altis Partners Natasha Reeve-Gray talking about setting up a hedge founds company, their learnings and their track record up to date.

Release Notes for T7 release 3.0 available

The release on 23 November will introduce a self-match prevention (SMP) functionality which help preventing unintended cross matches. SMP will be offered via all trading interfaces. The Release Notes provide you with an in-depth description.

MarginCalculator updated!

This new version for our Risk-based Margining (RBM) method includes an updated database with new products such as Variance Futures or EUR Secured Funding Futures.

Eurex IOC Liquidity Indicator - new White Paper

New content item

A new White Paper provides you with the benefits of the Eurex IOC Liquidity Indicator and shows how to unlock potential alpha gains across strategies.

About volatility, variance and higher levels thereof

New content item

Our experts Rex Jones and Axel Vischer are looking at the different forms of volatility. This article provides you an insight in how the different tools can be applied to measure the "volatility of volatility" and reviews the products along their merits and nuances.

HFT Conference. 17 July, Frankfurt.

The conference is jointly hosted by the Center for Financial Studies (CFS) and Deutsche Börse AG and focusses on algorithmic trading strategies using High Frequency Trading (HFT) technology.

Face to face with Renaud Huck

Our new series of interviews introduces you to colleagues from all kinds of Eurex departments. You will learn when they joined Eurex, what they did before, what they are responsible for now and about their favorite leisure activities. Meet Renaud Huck!

Helpful: Dynamic Product List!

Our Dynamic Product List provides you with direct access to all Eurex product parameters and additional information – in just one sheet. It’s easy to use and quick to search. Find out more. 

Opalesque Roundtable Malta with Markus-Alexander Flesch

New content item

The roundtable highlights some of the strong points for Malta that fund managers are really interested in and how the regulators work on the island. Main discussion point: Passporting Opportunities for Funds and Fund Managers.

Interview: Variance Futures from a Market Maker’s perspective

New content item

Eurex Variance Futures are the on-exchange complement to OTC variance swaps. We asked Maarten Botman, head of business development at Optiver, how these contracts fit into Optiver's business model.

Harmonizing European capital markets?

A Deutsche Börse White Paper points out six core principles which we consider prerequisites to achieve a functioning Capital Markets Union. The paper describes these principles and their key elements in detail.

Strong demand in sector derivatives: investors want to focus

A testament to the growing popularity of sector derivatives is their 59 percent increase in volume year-on-year in 2014. Read more about the reasons behind this positive development.

Futures or ETFs? – Not as simple as yes or no.

New content item

Colin Bennett, author of “Trading Volatility”, offers his expert view on the currently hotly discussed topic of comparing the cost efficiencies of using ETFs over exchange-traded futures.