Expanding the banking sector: launch of Weekly Options on the EURO STOXX® Banks Index

From 19 May we offer a new trading opportunity in short-term banks products. Click here for more details on the new options and their Market-Making scheme.

Awarded “Most Proactive Exchange for ETF Derivatives”!

We were given the award at the 10th Annual Global ETF Awards©. The winners were determined on the basis of statistics and by votes cast by market participants in the global financial industry.

Study shows significant cost benefits of integrated cross-product CCPs like Eurex Clearing

The new study "The future of central clearing" looks at the differentiators of CCPs. Efficient collateral, real asset segregation and an integrated cross-product model put us in a strong position.

Over 1,000,000 contracts traded. New record for dividend derivatives.

A new monthly all-time high for the segment. Jad Comair, founder and CIO of Melanion Capital, specialized in investing in dividend futures has an explanation for this success.

More options: Mid Curve Options on Three-Month EURIBOR Futures

Eurex’ new one to four-year EURIBOR Mid Curve Options provide you with tailor-made hedging opportunities to manage your short & mid-term interest rate risks.


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April 14


April 14

Delayed quotes

ProductDiff. to previous dayLast PriceContractsTime
FESX -0.25% 3,136.00 5,707 08:25:46
FDAX -0.06% 9,621.00 1,387 08:25:46
FVS -2.94% 18.15 7,969 18:40:31
FGBS +0.00% 110.415 8,685 08:23:08
FGBM +0.00% 125.52 7,579 08:25:44
FGBL +0.02% 143.86 13,102 08:25:45
FBTP +0.09% 123.84 230 08:22:48
FOAT +0.02% 137.16 716 08:24:21

Apr 23, 2014 8:25:46 AM

Number of the week

Options on EURO STOXX 50® Index Dividend Futures traded in March. New all-time high.

Mehtap Dinc: tailor-made hedging with new EURIBOR Mid Curve Options

Mehtap Dinc, Member of the Eurex Executive Board, spoke with us about the most recent extension of our EURIBOR segment. Read the complete interview on the opportunities in trading Eurex's one to four-year EURIBOR Mid Curve Options.

CCP clearing: maximizing capital and cost efficiencies

The decision how to optimally allocate exposures across CCPs is the critical driver for sell and buyside participants in order to maximize efficiencies.

Matthias Graulich, Chief Client Officer of Eurex Clearing

Block Trade sizes for fixed income options increased

From 5 May 2014, the minimum number of tradable contracts for the Block Trade facility for Options on Euro-Bund, Euro-Bobl and Euro-Schatz Futures will be increased. Click here for the new minimum Block Trade sizes.

Welcome to Chicago - visiting our colleagues in the "Windy City"

The 5th station on our journey through the Eurex Group offices is the "Windy City", beautifully located at the banks of Lake Michigan.

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Tobias Ehinger interview: 2 successful years for RDX® USD derivatives

We spoke to Tobias Ehinger, Senior Vice President, Eurex Exchange, about futures and options contracts on the RDX® USD index. He told us what made them so successful only two years after their launch.

Eurex’ Trading Corner: Learn more about how to trade.

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