DAX® Derivatives - extension of volatility strategies

On 20 June 2016 the volatility strategy functionality was extended to incorporate Mini-DAX® Futures. In addition, settlement prices for Mini-DAX®- and DAX®-Futures are harmonized.

Prisma release 5.0: migration of remaining derivatives

The remaining derivative products VSTOXX® Derivatives, Variance Futures and Dividend Derivatives will be migrated from RBM to Eurex Clearing Prisma on 28 November 2016.

T7 release 4.0 on 21 November

With the new release, Trading Participants can enter off-book transactions via our T7 trading platform.

NEW: ISA Direct – Direct Clearing Membership for the buy side

Our ISA Direct model combines elements of a direct clearing membership and the traditional service relationship in client clearing - tailored specifically for the buy side.


Eurex Exchange


ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FGBL -0.14% 166.45 106,865 10:22:26
FGBM -0.03% 133.47 73,550 10:22:27
FGBS -0.01% 112.045 32,049 10:22:16
FBTP -0.23% 141.70 18,168 10:22:25
FOAT -0.40% 159.82 16,155 10:22:26
FBON -0.14% 142.03 257 10:22:25

15 min. delayed - Jun 30, 2016 10:22:27 AM

ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FESX +0.14% 2,826.00 304,586 10:22:27
FDAX -0.04% 9,613.00 23,082 10:22:27
FDXM +0.06% 9,614.00 6,680 10:22:26
FSMI +0.33% 7,951.00 10,293 10:22:27
FESB -1.58% 81.00 28,814 10:21:54
FVS +1.90% 26.85 2,515 10:22:26

15 min. delayed - Jun 30, 2016 10:22:27 AM

ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FMWO -0.16% 4,466.00 148 09:23:15
FMWN +2.08% 205.80 480 18:27:22
FMEU -0.51% 174.05 60 09:38:49
FMEM +3.22% 361.90 116 18:27:19
FMEA +3.06% 393.90 145 18:27:19
FMRS +3.19% 436.50 0 18:27:22

15 min. delayed - Jun 30, 2016 9:38:49 AM

ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FCEF +0.41% 1.08900 0 18:27:05
FCEP -0.91% 0.82195 0 18:27:05
FCEU +0.56% 1.11210 0 18:27:05
FCPF +1.57% 1.32490 0 18:27:07
FCPU +1.50% 1.35210 0 18:27:05
FCUF -0.19% 0.97860 0 18:27:12

Real-time - Jun 29, 2016 6:27:12 PM

Number of the month

Equity Index Derivatives contracts traded in May

Opalesque Roundtable Malta with Vincenzo Zinnà

New content item

This Roundtable explains the characteristics and benefits of Notified AIFs and also lists the categories of AIFs which are excluded and cannot be Notified AIFs. What differentiates Malta compared to other jurisdictions was another topic. Joining the discussion for Eurex Group was Vincenzo Zinná.

Interview: Ashwin Kumar on product development

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In this video Ashwin Kumar, Global Head of Product Development at Deutsche Börse Group, talks about opportunities for new products, the benefits for our clients and how new products can create room for development.

Face to face with Stefan Morgenstern

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Our series of interviews introduces you to colleagues from all kinds of Eurex departments. You will learn when they joined Eurex, what they did before, what they are responsible for now and about their favorite leisure activities. Meet Stefan Morgenstern!

Video: Introducing the Member Section

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Get to know the Member Section and experience the benefits. Have a glance on services, products and how to access it.

Click here for the latest VSTOXX® Outlook

Our newsletter brings you the information and tools required for smart and advanced volatility trading.

Colin Bennett on volatility trading. Part 3: Focus on Options on Volatility Futures

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Our article series comes to an end with a piece on the key differences between options on equity and options on volatility. How traders arbitrage the imbalances between options on volatility, Variance Swaps and Volatility Futures is revealed.

Client's view: Assenagon on the benefits of the Registered Customer status at Eurex Clearing

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Lothar Kloster, of Eurex Fixed Income & Sales, met with René Reißhauer, Senior Portfolio Manager at Assenagon, to discuss about the benefits from the Registered Customer status for listed derivatives at Eurex.

Helpful: Dynamic Product List!

Our Dynamic Product List provides you with direct access to all Eurex product parameters and additional information – in just one sheet. It’s easy to use and quick to search. Find out more. 

New flyer on our Equity Index Derivatives offer

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Being the #1 derivatives exchange in Europe, we provide investors with access to the broadest choice of Equity Index Derivatives worldwide. This new flyer explains the key benefits of trading these products on Eurex.

FinTech trends in 2016

The number of business areas affected by the new FinTech trends within the financial industry is enormous. A report recently published by McKinsey forecasts that the FinTech start-ups’ innovations will cast their effects across large parts of the financial services sector.


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