Total Return Futures notional value exceeds one billion Euro

More than 30,000 contracts have been traded in our Total Return Futures since their launch in December, with a notional value of more than one billion Euro.

New adjustments for EURO STOXX 50® Index and Quanto Futures

For EURO STOXX 50® Index and Quanto Futures, eight quarterly expiries each are offered now instead of three; the existing DMM scheme for FESQ has been adjusted and extended until 31 December 2017.

Introduction on CFTC-certified Options on VSTOXX® Futures

The new contracts are available for trading since 1 February, with VSTOXX® Futures as the underlying instead of the VSTOXX® Index. 

Eurex announces T7 roadmap for 2017 & MiFID II/MiFIR release

To support our clients during their preparation for MiFID/MiFIR, we've already announced the T7 releases for 2017.


Eurex Exchange


ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FGBL +0.33% 166.32 839,737 22:03:22
FGBM +0.09% 134.85 487,407 21:59:56
FGBS +0.04% 112.725 490,990 21:59:55
FBTP +0.27% 131.86 106,554 19:03:18
FOAT +0.56% 149.76 169,686 18:59:56
FBON +0.73% 138.77 1,255 18:59:56

15 min. delayed - Feb 24, 2017 10:03:22 PM

ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FESX -0.63% 3,315.00 1,257,946 22:03:53
FDAX -1.09% 11,828.50 105,567 22:03:53
FDXM -1.00% 11,835.00 35,651 21:59:59
FSMI -0.35% 8,458.00 39,419 21:59:57
FESB -0.88% 112.70 190,344 21:59:28
FVS +0.29% 17.45 19,218 21:59:55

15 min. delayed - Feb 24, 2017 10:03:53 PM

ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FMWO -0.14% 5,097.00 347 18:27:37
FMWN -0.16% 246.60 574 18:27:37
FMEU -0.64% 201.40 1,939 18:27:33
FMEM -1.04% 416.70 70 18:27:31
FMEA -0.84% 451.30 64 18:27:31
FMRS -1.36% 544.00 0 18:27:37

15 min. delayed - Feb 24, 2017 6:27:37 PM

ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FCEF -0.14% 1.06410 0 18:28:07
FCEP +0.36% 0.84660 0 18:28:07
FCEU +0.01% 1.05790 0 18:28:07
FCPF -0.49% 1.25690 0 18:28:07
FCPU -0.34% 1.24960 0 18:28:07
FCUF -0.18% 1.00395 0 18:28:07

Real-time - Feb 24, 2017 6:28:07 PM

Number of the month

Contracts traded in the VSTOXX® Futures

Eurex awarded ‚Exchange of the Year‘ by Risk

New content item

Eurex takes home the prestigious award ‘Exchange of the Year’ at this year’s award gala, hosted by ‘Risk’ in London. “Over the past few years, Eurex can point to the launch of a clutch of contracts that have rapidly become benchmarks in their own right – quietly revolutionising the way users transfer risk in key markets such as European government debt and equity derivatives in the process” wrote Risk.

Emerging Markets Macroeconomic Outlook 2017

Eurex product brochure 2017 available now

New content item

From Interest Rate Derivatives to Property Derivatives. All asset classes and products at a glance. 

Helpful: Dynamic Product List!

Our Dynamic Product List provides you with direct access to all Eurex product parameters and additional information – in just one sheet. It’s easy to use and quick to search. Find out more. 

EURO STOXX 50® Index implied repo trading

New content item

Listed solution for implied equity repo trading via EURO STOXX 50® Index Total Return Futures complement the Eurex suite of equity index derivatives and support the market in complying with new financial market legislation.

Written by Stuart Heath, Director Equity& Index R&D at Eurex this research paper covers the various aspects and calculations of both repo rates and the TRS.

Eurex Exchange and DEGIRO enter knowledge partnership

Eurex Exchange and DEGIRO team up to jointly educate retail investors: A new section on DEGIRO’s website explains the products listed on Eurex with input coming directly from the extensive knowledge pool of Eurex.


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