Eurex Group records 8.8 mio contracts per day in August

The monthly volume at our derivatives markets rose year on year by +20 percent.

43 new Weekly Options on EURO STOXX 50® underlyings

From 5 October you can trade equity options with weekly expirations on all EURO STOXX 50® components at Eurex Exchange!

GMEX IRS Constant Maturity Futures successfully launched

Eurex & GMEX are pleased to announce the first trades in our new IRS CMF. The innovative contract brings the benefits of futures trading closer to OTC products.

Now live on Eurex Exchange: first global STOXX® dividend derivatives

The STOXX® Global Select Dividend 100 offers investors the ideal tool to track a global portfolio of high dividend-yielding companies.

Fee holiday for EURIBOR Futures extended until 31 December 2015

Benefit from a zero fee period and the extension of the Designated Market Maker Program until 31 December 2015 for EURIBOR Futures.


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September 15


September 15


ProductDiff. to previous dayLast priceContractsTime
FGBL +0.20% 153.26 473,029 12:14:31
FGBM +0.05% 130.04 253,217 12:14:29
FGBS -0.01% 111.260 180,781 12:13:52
CONF +0.17% 165.64 495 11:46:07
FBTP +0.09% 134.62 76,526 12:14:29
FOAT +0.27% 147.72 56,978 12:14:31

15 min. delayed - Sep 2, 2015 12:14:31 PM

ProductDiff. to previous dayLast priceContractsTime
FESX +1.36% 3,199.00 467,358 12:14:27
FDAX +1.28% 10,043.50 41,581 12:14:28
FSMI +0.96% 8,620.00 17,066 12:14:29
FSTX +1.24% 3,017.00 907 12:14:04
FESB +0.80% 139.40 18,805 12:14:07
FVS -3.07% 31.55 5,440 12:09:04

15 min. delayed - Sep 2, 2015 12:14:29 PM

ProductDiff. to previous dayLast priceContractsTime
FMWO +0.32% 4,340.00 419 09:55:24
FMEU -0.33% 183.85 226 11:16:05
FMEM -2.64% 339.10 41 18:42:10
FMFM +0.07% 707.00 0 18:42:13
FMEA +0.57% 368.00 36 09:03:28
FMRS -1.41% 385.50 24 11:00:30

15 min. delayed - Sep 2, 2015 11:16:05 AM

ProductDiff. to previous dayLast priceContractsTime
FCEF -0.06% 1.08390 0 18:42:01
FCEP +0.67% 0.73410 0 18:42:03
FCEU +0.53% 1.12615 0 18:42:01
FCPF -0.61% 1.47645 0 18:42:03
FCPU -0.15% 1.53355 0 18:42:08
FCUF -0.61% 0.96215 0 18:42:08

Real-time - Sep 1, 2015 6:42:08 PM

Number of the week

more MSCI contracts traded via the order book in July (compared to Jan-Jun)

OSTC’s Ian Firla: how a trader’s education benefits the market

New content item

Ian Firla, Chief Operations Officer at OSTC, spoke with us about the company’s specific trading philosophy and how it breeds success. In our interview he provides some insights in how a profound education and the Eurex Trader Development Program support the markets.

Asia Risk Congress on 9 September in Singapore

Eurex Board Member Michael Peters and Product Developer Frank Odendall will represent the Eurex Asia standpoint in interesting discussions. And don't forget to meet the members of our buy side sales team at the Eurex booth.

Eurex MSCI newsletter: increasing on-exchange volumes

July 2015 saw the highest order book volumes in Eurex Exchange MSCI derivatives ever. Our latest newsletter provides you with the relevant figures on this record as well as a monthly update.

The latest VSTOXX® Outlook: an analysis of allocating to volatility

Many investors seek wider portfolio diversification to reduce their correlation risk, tail risk and negative volatility. In the August edition of the VSTOXX® Outlook newsletter, Mark Shore explores the topic.

Helpful: Dynamic Product List!

Our Dynamic Product List provides you with direct access to all Eurex product parameters and additional information – in just one sheet. It’s easy to use and quick to search. Find out more. 

What actually is ... pro rata matching?

In this part of our series "What actually is ..." we would like to introduce you to the advantages of a matching principle that is already applied with EURIBOR Futures and options on iShares ETFs.

On the go-live of our GMEX IRS Constant Maturity Futures

We are very pleased with the observed level of market interest. Launching an innovative product is very much a process, not an event, with a range of buy and sell-side participants looking to go live over the coming months driven by the need for capital efficiencies as a result of regulatory change.

Hirander Misra, CEO and Co-Founder of GMEX Group.

Watch the webinar or read the transcript!

Our webinar on emerging and frontier markets that took a closer look at access, opportunities and risks is now also available as a transcript.

“Technical analysis: a cornerstone for traders”. Interview with Dan Gramza.

New content item

We talked to Dan Gramza about his area of expertise: technical analysis. In our interview he explains how it supports traders in analyzing trends across markets, also in times of HFT trading.

Face to face with Markus-Alexander Flesch

New content item

Our new series of interviews introduces you to colleagues from all kinds of Eurex departments. You will learn when they joined Eurex, what they did before, what they are responsible for now and about their favorite leisure activities. Meet Markus-Alexander Flesch!