Eurex records ADV of 9.4 mn contracts in June

That’s +10 percent up from June 2015 (8.6 mn). In total, 207.7 mn contracts were traded. An annual high was reached on 14 June with 17 mn contracts.

DAX® Derivatives - extension of volatility strategies

On 20 June 2016 the volatility strategy functionality was extended to incorporate Mini-DAX® Futures. In addition, settlement prices for Mini-DAX®- and DAX®-Futures are harmonized.

Prisma release 5.0: migration of remaining derivatives

The remaining derivative products VSTOXX® Derivatives, Variance Futures and Dividend Derivatives will be migrated from RBM to Eurex Clearing Prisma on 28 November 2016.

T7 release 4.0 on 21 November

With the new release, Trading Participants can enter off-book transactions via our T7 trading platform.

NEW: ISA Direct – Direct Clearing Membership for the buy side

Our ISA Direct model combines elements of a direct clearing membership and the traditional service relationship in client clearing - tailored specifically for the buy side.


Eurex Exchange


ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FGBL -0.24% 167.11 209,113 11:51:20
FGBM -0.09% 133.46 131,218 11:51:13
FGBS -0.02% 111.975 94,292 11:51:14
FBTP -0.01% 144.38 21,834 11:51:28
FOAT -0.19% 161.37 27,770 11:51:20
FBON +0.08% 144.26 1 11:00:32

15 min. delayed - Jul 29, 2016 11:51:28 AM

ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FESX -0.33% 2,976.00 253,028 11:51:28
FDAX -0.26% 10,320.00 25,484 11:51:24
FDXM -0.29% 10,320.00 9,135 11:51:20
FSMI +0.40% 8,118.00 9,996 11:51:20
FESB +2.27% 90.30 36,550 11:51:18
FVS +1.09% 23.15 1,498 11:50:20

15 min. delayed - Jul 29, 2016 11:51:28 AM

ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FMWO +0.36% 4,697.00 1 09:21:02
FMWN +0.19% 216.10 261 11:14:47
FMEU +0.30% 183.25 39 10:26:28
FMEM -0.13% 382.60 0 18:37:59
FMEA +0.05% 416.20 0 18:37:59
FMRS +0.00% 445.50 0 18:38:02

15 min. delayed - Jul 29, 2016 11:14:47 AM

ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FCEF -0.35% 1.08795 0 18:37:49
FCEP +0.70% 0.84390 0 18:37:49
FCEU +0.85% 1.10960 0 18:37:52
FCPF -0.93% 1.28895 0 18:37:49
FCPU +0.12% 1.31410 0 18:37:49
FCUF -1.15% 0.98035 0 18:37:52

Real-time - Jul 28, 2016 6:37:52 PM

Number of the month

Volatility Futures were traded for the first time in 1 month (June)

Directional VSTOXX® Options flow spikes as event risk grows Nearer

New content item

In his article for EQDerivatives Robert McGlinchey gives a short update on VSTOXX® trading. Find out what is currently driving the market.

Opalesque Roundtable France with Nicolas von Kageneck


The 2016 Opalesque Roundtable France took place in June at the Paris office of Eurex. The France Roundtable explored why France is searching for alternative assets, what the status of UK regulations will be after the Brexit and how French regulator aims for a good balance between investor protection and innovation. Joining the discussion for Eurex Group was Nicolas von Kageneck.

Face to face with Simona Simon

New content item

Our series of interviews introduces you to colleagues from all kinds of Eurex departments. You will learn when they joined Eurex, what they did before, what they are responsible for now and about their favorite leisure activities. Meet Simona Simon!

Webinar on demand. EMIR OTC Clearing: What’s next?

Our panel explores the steps needed to prepare for EMIR OTC clearing and new market developments. The aim is to support buy side firms, and corporate mid-tier banks in joining the clearing space successfully.

Helpful: Dynamic Product List!

Our Dynamic Product List provides you with direct access to all Eurex product parameters and additional information – in just one sheet. It’s easy to use and quick to search. Find out more. 

Interview: Ashwin Kumar on product development

New content item

In this video Ashwin Kumar, Global Head of Product Development at Deutsche Börse Group, talks about opportunities for new products, the benefits for our clients and how new products can create room for development.

Korea Exchange launches EURO STOXX 50® Futures

The Korean Won denominated EURO STOXX 50 Futures was listed on Korea Exchange on 27 June 2016. Being the first listed derivative product based on a foreign equity index it will lay a foundation for Korea Exchange to position itself as an Asian financial hub.

New Eurex Margin Calculator available!

All Eurex exchange-traded derivatives (ETDs) that have been migrated to Eurex Clearing Prisma have been removed. The database for all remaining products has been updated.

FinTech trends in 2016

The number of business areas affected by the new FinTech trends within the financial industry is enormous. A report recently published by McKinsey forecasts that the FinTech start-ups’ innovations will cast their effects across large parts of the financial services sector.

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