TAIEX Futures, further MSCI & IPD futures soon tradable in the U.S.

More choice for our U.S.-based customers: as of 18 August TAIEX Futures, Futures on the MSCI Frontier Index as well as futures on different IPD UK Quarterly segment indexes will become available.

FX derivatives trading on Eurex Exchange. And our own CCP mitigates the counterparty risk.

They combine best-practice OTC market conventions with the transparency of exchange-traded derivatives. Besides, our own CCP – Eurex Clearing – mitigates counterparty risk for each transaction.

Every Friday is expiration day!

With Eurex’ Weekly Options on the DAX® and EURO STOXX® as well as on various single stocks including Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom and Nokia.

980% increase in open interest on all MSCI derivatives

Our derivatives on popular MSCI indexes are part of Europe’s most extensive and most transparent suite of index-based products.

Eurex Exchange to launch Variance Futures

We are extending our product range with a listed Variance Futures contract on the European benchmark index EURO STOXX 50®. Go live is on 22 September.


Eurex Exchange

MSCI futures and options. Only at Eurex Exchange!

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August 14


August 14

Delayed quotes

ProductDiff. to previous dayLast PriceContractsTime
FESX -0.77% 3,099.00 870,684 22:03:30
FDAX -0.50% 9,347.00 102,151 22:03:30
FVS +1.19% 17.00 10,520 18:43:50
FGBS +0.01% 110.745 127,843 22:03:29
FGBM +0.06% 128.98 316,351 21:59:46
FGBL +0.15% 150.45 603,091 22:03:29
FBTP +0.14% 129.18 41,444 19:03:29
FOAT +0.12% 144.29 53,556 18:59:55

Aug 22, 2014 10:03:30 PM

Number of the week

y-o-y growth in our Euro-BTP Futures. July saw 1,119,404 traded contracts.

Interview with Cathal Hardiman on U.K. equity options

We spoke with Cathal Hardiman from Susquehanna International Securities Limited, one of the most active global trading firms, about the developments in the U.K. equity market and the advantages of trading at Eurex Exchange.

VSTOXX® Outlook, our newsletter featuring the expert Mark Shore

We recommend to read Mark Shores's latest article published in the August edition of the VSTOXX® Outlook. It is a deeper examination into the behavior of the VSTOXX® spot volatility index when the EURO STOXX 50® Index rallies and is based on 20-day and five-day rolling returns.

Single Stock Dividend Futures: staggered fees = lower fees

The transaction fees for Single Stock Dividend Futures now differ on the basis of the expected dividends for the underlying stocks. The new pricing model allows for significant fee reductions. Check out your advantage in our product list.

2014 FIA Asia Seminar, Taipei

Join us on 28 August for interesting panel discussions on the most relevant issues for the Taiwanese financial markets. Participating experts from our side are Michael Hsih and Markus Georgi.

Webinar on FX Futures is now online. Tim Levandoski explains the product.

If you've missed our live webinar with Tim Levandoski, Vice President at our Chicago office, you now have the opportunity to watch it any point of time that is convenient to you. Learn more about portfolio diversification, hedging and spreading opportunities that our newly launched FX Futures offer.

Variance Futures: product design & clearing concept

On 22 September, we will introduce a listed Variance Futures contract on the benchmark index EURO STOXX 50®.  This presentation provides you with an insight in the product’s design as well as its clearing concept.