Strong November for Eurex Exchange: 12 percent increase in total turnover

Erscheinungsdatum: 03. Dec 2018 | Eurex Exchange, Eurex Clearing

Strong November for Eurex Exchange: 12 percent increase in total turnover

In November, Eurex, Europe’s largest derivatives exchange and part of Deutsche Börse Group, has again seen very strong demand for its products. A total of 149.5 million contracts were traded in November. This is 12 percent more than in last November (133.3 million).

European equity derivatives increased by 26 percent to 27.5  million traded contracts from 21.7 million in November 2017. Demand was also particularly high for European equity index derivatives (+5 percent) with 71.9 million traded contracts (68.8 million in November 2017). With a record turnover of 468,350 contracts the EURO STOXX 50® month-end options, introduced in July, were a great addition to the weekly options. Turnover in European interest rate derivatives increased 17 percent to 50.0 million traded contracts (42.8 million in November 2017).

The European Energy Exchange (EEX), the leading energy exchange in Europe, also saw significantly increases in trading volumes in power and emissions. In November 2018, volumes on EEX Group’s power spot and derivatives markets increased by 42 percent to 512.7 TWh (359.9 TWh in November 2017).

Eurex Repo, the leading provider for international financing in the secured money market business (repo and securities lending), saw an overall increase of 9.7 percent in average outstanding volume in the Repo market in comparison to November 2017.






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